At OLHC, Health Education is generally taught as part of our Inquiry Learning, so that children can make links between what they learn in class and their daily lives. Many of our Inquiry units have a specific Health Education focus. As a ‘KidsMatter School’, we have a particular emphasis on promoting and developing Mental Health, as well as Physical Health.

Each class has a Physical Education lesson each week with our PE Specialist Teacher. These lessons focus on skill development that children can then use in games and sports. Children in grades 3 to 6 have the opportunity to represent the school in swimming, athletics and cross country and children in grade 4 to 6 can participate in the Summer and Winter interschool sports program.

Children have access to expert tuition for the following programs:- Swimming & Water Safety for Prep to grade 2; Gymnastics for grades 3 and 4; Dance for grades 5 and 6.