The Library at Our Lady's is an extremely well equipped and modern facility, providing students and staff with a resource that is invaluable for their continuous learning. Students are encouraged to view the Library as a place that is welcoming and responsive to their needs, both educational and recreational. We aim to produce happy lifelong readers.

Every class has a formal Library lesson each week during which students are introduced to a variety of literature genres and taught basic skills in research, using computer catalogues, borrowing systems and book selection.

In the early primary school years Library lessons explore:

  • Care of books - handling and use of their library bag
  • Borrowing and returning books
  • Layout of the Library, where to find Picture Fiction, Fiction and Nonfiction books.
  • Basic shelving skills - alphabetical for Picture Fiction and Fiction and numerical for Nonfiction books.
  • Basic parts of a book - cover, spine, spine label, etc
  • Terminology - author, illustrator, title, page, etc.

In the middle and upper years of primary school Library lessons explore:

  • Advanced catalogue searches
  • Circulation procedures
  • Identifying parts of a book eg. index, glossary etc.
  • The Dewey System.
  • Research skills - the ability to Define, Locate, Select, Organise, Present and Assess.
  • Using references - internet, encyclopedias, atlases, computer resources etc.