We place a high priority on the importance of sound numeracy skills at Our Lady’s and have developed and embraced strategies that we believe support all students to become successful mathematicians. In addition to our classroom programs, we run a regular Family Maths Challenge through our newsletter, acknowledge students who have achieved something new as Mathematicians of the Month, and have access to a specialist working mathematician from Rio Tinto as part of the CSIRO’s Mathematicians in Schools program.


In the Early Years, our program focuses on developing a solid understanding of basic mathematics skills outlined in AusVELS in the key areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probablility. One strategy we have recently adopted to achieve this is the use of Numicon, a tactile resource that helps students bridge the gap between counting and calculating. As with literacy, a variety of approaches is used to teach students at their point of need with an emphasis on hands-on activities that develop underlying mathematical concepts.

YEARS 3 – 6

In years 3 to 6 students are given a broad range of maths experiences, which are linked wherever possible to the use of maths in real life. Students further develop their skills in understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning, to allow them to interpret and solve problems of increasing complexity. A variety of strategies and resources continue to be used to support their learning.