Environment and Sustainability - Garden


Great things have been happening in and near the veggie patch.

After a wonderful visit to the Gawa Trail at Watson’s Creek to learn about the Wurundjeri people and the beautiful environment they lived in, our students have planted a Reconciliation garden near the veggie patch. 

A big welcome to our new addition to the school: Beau, The Rainbow Serpent who will be keeping Barry the Scarecrow company in the garden area.                     

Please come down and check him out.

All of Beau’s plants are native local species and were obtained from Edendale Farm. 

Our veggie patch is thriving and Mrs Derrick has been harvesting and using some of the produce in the tuckshop.

Congratulations to Mrs Chaplin Holmes and 1/2CH, and Mrs O’Meara and 3/4OM for their prize winning Harvest festival poster at the Harvest Festival celebration at Edendale Farm earlier this term.  We have just found out that they won first prize with their entry.  Well done everyone.  More plants will be coming our way.