Leadership Opportunities for Students

There are many opportunities for children to develop leadership skills throughout their time at Our Lady’s. Informal opportunities are constantly provided as children frequently work in groups, often with specific roles, and are regularly given the chance to show their capabilities.

More formal leadership opportunities include:-

  • Class Captains – one girl and one boy Class Captain are elected each term for each class across the school to carry out tasks and represent their class on occasion.
  • School Captains – We have a girl and boy School Captain and Vice Captain chosen from our Grade 6 group each year. These leaders have a number of important roles and get to represent the school at special events.
  • House Captains – Our 4 Houses have a girl and boy Captain chosen from our Grade 6 group. Their main role is in leading their teams at our Twilight Sports, but they also have responsibility for other tasks throughout the year.
  • STARS (Student Action Team) – We have a boy and girl chosen as STARS leaders who are supported by a group of their Grade 6 colleagues in giving student voice to our school activities. They are student representatives who help us all to be community minded. They organise activities that promote social justice as well as help others in our school community, particularly the juniors if they have difficulties on the yard. The STARS also help to organise Passive Play. Their caring nature is evident to all when they participate in these activities.
  • FIRE Carriers -   (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Students in Grade 5 have the opportunity to seek to be FIRE Carriers. Their role is to promote Reconciliation and education of the Aboriginal story in our School, with the support of staff FIRE Carriers.


2015 School Captains