We aim to ensure success for all in our literacy program, adopting a personalised learning approach that supports our students to meet or exceed national benchmarks.

Our literacy program, which features a balance of tried-and-true and technology-based activities, develops students’ skills and knowledge in the key areas of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening
  • Viewing


From prep to year 2, students are given a solid foundation in the fundamentals of literacy. We use a comprehensive approach which incorporates a phonics program, flexible small group instruction at the students’ point of need and a range of evidence-based strategies such as guided reading.

Students in year 1 who are identified at risk in the area of reading may be offered a place in our Reading Recovery program.

YEARS 3 - 6

In the later years of primary school, we aim to develop students’ independence as critical consumers of written, spoken and viewed texts. Strategies expand to include activities such as literature circles and reciprocal reading, underpinned by a continued emphasis on basic literacy skills including grammar, spelling and comprehension.