What are the school hours?

Our regular school day begins at 8.50am and we conclude at 3.15pm. The gates are opened at 8.30am each morning and the yard is supervised from that time. Music plays at 8.45am to alert everyone that our day is about to start. Morning recess is from 11.00am till 11.40am and lunchtime from 1.20pm till 2.10pm.

What is the Orientation Program for Preps?

We run a 2 hour session in mid-November for parents and children. We run another two optional one hour sessions for the children in following weeks. Children with particular needs can be provided with further time at school before they start.

Do you have a tuck shop?

Our tuck shop operates on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and provides lunches and counter sales.

How do you buy the School Uniform? Are second hand uniforms available?

A uniform shop operates at school run by parent volunteers which ensures prices are better than you’ll find elsewhere. The Uniform Shop is open every Monday morning throughout the year. The Uniform Shop will also be open to coincide with Prep Orientation and the start of the year. Orders can also be placed via the School Office to be sent home with the children.

Second hand uniforms are available – contact the School Office for details.

Does the School have a policy on Bullying?

We certainly do. Our policy dictates that we treat bullying seriously and when bullying occurs it is dealt with as a School issue rather than a Class issue. That means that a member of the School Leadership Team deals with the matter and follows up with parents. Our Bullying Policy is available on the parents’ page of our website.

Do you have Specialist Teachers?

We have 4 ‘Specialist Teachers’ who take the children for weekly lessons in their specialised area of the curriculum. We have Physical Education, Library/ICT, Performing Arts and Italian teacher. In 2016, each class has an Italian lesson for one semester during the year. The children have the other three specialist lessons across the whole year.

What ICT is used in classrooms?

Whilst we have a specialist Library/ICT teacher, where specific ICT skills are taught, ICT is used in all classes to enhance learning. It is used as a tool to make learning more engaging for the children. Each classroom has at least 5 desktop computers and an Interactive Whiteboard.  There is  at least one lap top computer and an iPad permanently in each classroom. We also have a bank of 90 laptops and 70 iPads available for use by whole classes, or for groups of children in a number of classes at once.

What are the benefits of composite classes?

‘Composite Class’ is the most commonly used term for a class where more than one year level is placed together. Currently in our school, we have one straight Prep class and all of our 8 other classes are ‘composite’. Academically, research tells us that there is no advantage or disadvantage in composite classes. The task of the classroom teacher is to teach each child at their point of need, regardless of the grade level they are in. Composite classes don’t change that nor do they make that any easier nor harder. The greatest advantage of composite classes is in meeting social needs of children. This fact is also backed up by research. Over their time at Primary School, composite classes provide children, and their parents, with the opportunity to mix with, and become friends with, the children at the year ahead of them and the year below them, as well as those at their own year level. In our situation, it provides us with the scope for teacher to work, plan and share ideas & resources in larger teams, which is of great benefit to the learning of the children.

What sports does the school participate in?

Children from Grades 3 to 6 have the opportunity each year to represent the school in District swimming, cross-country and athletics carnivals, all of which lead on to regional and state competitions for the best performers. All children in Grade 5 & 6, and some of our Grade 4s, get to participate in Summer and Winter Interschool Sports with other schools in the Eltham District. The sports include:- netball, football, korfball, bat tennis, soccer, basketball, softball and rounders. Our school also sends junior (Grades 3 & 4) and senior (Grades 5 & 6) teams along to the Mcdonalds Hooptime Basketball competition, which runs across the state. OLHC is the most successful School in the history of this event with more state titles than any other Primary School in Victoria.

What extra curricular activities are available?

Some of the extra-curricular activities available to students include:- choir, instrumental music lessons, passive playground (indoor activities for children who find it difficult to join in on the yard), School Productions. Junior classes participate in swimming & water safety lessons, our Middle School classes participate in gymnastics lessons with Balance Gym and our Senior Classes have dance lessons with ‘Footsteps’ Dance Company.

Do you have Before and After School Care?

We have a great Before & After School program that operates from 7.00am before school and until 6.00pm after school. Until 2013 we had our own ‘community based’ program and we have now teamed with OSHClub to enhance our program. We believe we have the best of both worlds with the same staff staying from when we ran our own program but now with the added support of a larger organisation in OSHClub providing ongoing training for the staff and ensuring all the growing compliance items are in order.   

What are the sizes of the classes?

Our classes vary in size from 24 children to 29 children. Our 4 classes in the Junior School have 26 or 27 children.

Is School banking available?

School banking is run by one of our parent volunteers. Parents are given the opportunity to open an account with the Catholic Development Fund (CDF) for their children.

What opportunities are there for parents to be involved?

There are many – our Education Board advises the Principal & Parish Priest on matters of policy & finance; the PFOL (Parents and Friends of Our Lady’s) organise social events and other activities; the OLDs (Our Lady’s Dads) is an informal gathering of dads on a monthly basis providing opportunities for the dads to get to know each other; classroom helpers assist in classrooms; parents are invited to assist with supervision on excursions and at sports events; parents are always welcome at our Monday morning assemblies as well as at other Masses and prayer services throughout the year;  a Working Bee is conducted each term where maintenance works and construction projects are carried out; formal Parent-Teacher conversations are scheduled twice yearly to build communication about your child’s progress. Every second year we conduct a School Expo, which provides an opportunity for parents to participate in activities that will demonstrate the way their children are learning at school.

Do children go on Camp?

Our Grade 5 and 6 children go on camp around September each year. We alternate venues between Camp Rumbug at Foster and Golden Valleys Lodge on the Mornington Peninsula.

What Secondary Schools do the children from OLHC go to?

Children from OLHC have a great selection of Secondary Schools available to them. Catholic Secondary Schools include Catholic Ladies College in Eltham, Marcellin College in Bulleen, Whitefriars College in Donvale, Parade College in Bundoora and Loyola College in Watsonia. The most frequently attended Government Schools are Eltham High School and St Helena Secondary College. There is no restriction on Private Schools.

What Leadership opportunities are provided for students?

Each class from Prep to 6 has two Class Captains selected each term.

From amongst our Grade 6 students we have School Captains & Vice Captains, House Captains, and STARS (Student Action Team) Leaders.

From our Grade 5 students we have our FIRE Carrier (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Leaders. 

What are the School fees?

In 2017 Fees and Charges

Family Fee $1,795                                                                                                                                                 

Capital Levy $530                                                                                                                                                  

Grounds and Maintenance Levy $320 ($150 refundable for participation in Working Bees)  

Total per family charge $2,645

Per child levy $560

The 'per child' levy covers all curriculum charges, excursions etc.  It also covers the cost of all items that were previously charged for separately on our 'Book List'.

Total for a one child family       = $3,205

Total for a two child family       = $3,765

Total for a three child family    = $4,325

Families of children in Grades 5 and 6 will receive a separate charge to cover the cost of school camp.  Children in Grades 3 - 6 will require their own recorder, which can be purchased from the school office for $10.  And all children will require their own set of headphones for use with ICT equipment.

All other costs are included in the above charges.