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Fees at a glance


FAMILY FEE                                            $1900

CAPITAL LEVY                                        $  570


($150 refundable for participation in Working Bees)

TOTAL PER FAMILY CHARGE                $2800

PER CHILD LEVY                                    $  600

The ‘per child’ levy covers all curriculum charges, excursions etc. It also covers the cost of all items that many schools charge for separately on their ‘Book List’.

Total for a one child family =                 $3,400

Total for a two child family =                  $4,000

Total for a three child family =               $4,600

Families of children in Grades 5 & 6 will receive a separate charge to cover the cost of school camp. Children in Grades 3 – 6 will require their own recorder, which can be purchased from the school office for $10. And all children will require their own set of headphones for use with ICT equipment.

All other costs are included in the above charges.