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We Help Each Other to Be Successful

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Our School

Our Lady Help of Christians Primary School Eltham

Our Lady Help of Christians Primary School is situated in the heart of Eltham and has consistently provided children with a high level of education since its humble beginnings in 1928. 


We are a dynamic learning environment where our Catholic faith underpins all we do.   


We are a welcoming and inclusive community where the wellbeing of all is highly valued. We encourage active partnerships with staff, students, families and community and are proud of our high quality personalised curriculum.

Our learning environments are engaging and flexible to enable learning and teaching to be designed to meet the needs of our students. 


Our secure, shaded outdoor spaces include Adventure Playgrounds, large open play areas, basketball, and netball areas, sandpits and a 'Passive Play' area where children can play quieter games.


Our Lady Help of Christians is a parish primary school where we are committed to educating the whole child - spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and creatively. We continually strive to create a Catholic learning community in which Christian values are taught, not only through formal lessons, but through our values and relationships with parents, teachers, students and family.

Our Vision

Our school community, united and inspired by the Gospel Values, strives to provide the optimum learning environment in which students are empowered to reach their learning potential.


Our Mission is to bring our Vision to life by…


  • Celebrating our Faith through Liturgy, Prayer and the Traditions of the Church

  • Being a welcoming Catholic Community

  • Reaching out and responding in Christian service

  • Promoting academic achievement

  • Basing our Learning and Teaching on best practice

  • Providing a secure and affirming environment

  • Respecting each person’s uniqueness

  • Fostering the wellbeing of individuals

  • Encouraging responsible decision making

  • Developing the ability to think clearly, independently and imaginatively

  • Developing adaptability to thrive in an ever-changing world

  • Building an awareness of the world, each person’s place in it and the need to be environmentally conscious

  • Providing opportunities for children to engage in a healthy active lifestyle

  • Nurturing creativity, appreciation, performance skills and confidence through the Arts

  • We are committed to :-

    • Elected Government

    • The rule of law

    • Equal rights for all before the law

    • Freedom of religion

    • Freedom of speech and association

    • The values of openness and tolerance


School Prayer

O God, My Father in Heaven

I offer you today all my work and all my play. 

Mary Our Mother, help us to love Jesus today. 

Our Lady Help of Christians pray for us

Learning Spaces

The children and staff at Our Lady's enjoy modern and contemporary spaces for their learning.  We have a separate junior building for our Preps, Year 1 and Year 2 children.  Our Year 3-6 children enjoy learning in the main school building. Our recently refurbished areas are light and spacious and filled with a celebration of the children’s learning and all the great things that happen at our school.  We have a variety of learning spaces which include:


  • Well designed open classrooms

  • A designated Italian Room

  • Visual Art Room

    A large multi purpose community centre with an industrial kitchen that can be used for student classes

    Intervention Spaces (for both enabling and extending our learners)

  • Five separate play areas

  • Two Adventure playgrounds (age appropriate)

  • Imaginative play garden

  • Well resourced and up to date Library

  • Shared learning Space

  • A community hall

  • A school garden

  • Passive play area

  • Designated preparation spaces for Learning Support Officers

  • "My Mum and I" are our lunch order providers every Friday

Meet the Team

Our Lady Help of Christians


Mark Pinkerton

Acting Principal

Fr Michael Sierakowski

Parish Priest


Liz Cox

Office Administrator


Loretta Marazzato

Office Administrator


Dina Rubini

Learning & Teaching Leader, Literacy Leader

Year 1-2 Teacher


Andréa Chesterman 




Barbara Cumming

Prep Teacher 

Norah Jacombs.jpg

Norah Jacombs

 Student Diversity Leader

Wellbeing Leader 


Lindy Chaplin-Holmes 

Year 1-2 Teacher


Natalie Arandt

Reading Recovery Teacher




Learning Support Officer


Jose Blanco



Clare Bisby 

Year 1-2 

Teacher &

Education in Faith Leader


Katrina Smith 

Year 3-4 



Olivia Tomada

Italian Support Teacher

Stephanie Asdagi.jpg

Stephanie Asdagi

Digital Technology

Michelle Arvanitis.jpg

Michelle Arvanitis

Learning Support Officer


Anne Askew

Year 5-6 Teacher

Anita Simpson 

Year 5-6



Linda Lawrence

Year 1-2


susie c_edited.jpg

Susie Camilleri

Year 3-4 Teacher


Gabriella Compasso

Learning Support Officer


Kathy Toomey


Sue Wallace

Learning Support Officer

Shellie Drysdale

Learning Support Officer


Daniela Corvetti

Learning Support Officer

Barbara Cumming 

Prep Teacher

Taya Eddie

Performing Arts Teacher


Emily Ashworth    PE Teacher

Gloria Fischer-2021.jpg

Gloria Fischer

Learning Support Officer


Child Safety

Our Lady Help of Christians Primary School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all students. Policies and procedures that have a central focus on Child Safety and practices that support the ongoing wellbeing of all children are part of our everyday life at school. These policies and procedures can be accessed on our website.



The accredited external provider, 'OSHClub', provides Out of Hours School Care for families at Our Lady's. The program operates each weekday before school from 7:00am – 8:40 am and after school from 3:30pm – 6:00 pm. The program is onsite in our community centre and provides care for children out of school hours and is an 'exciting and innovative program that builds children's capabilities to become creative thinkers, active global citizens, happy, healthy and emotionally savvy individuals.' Please contact the school for further details or OSHClub website

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